This online survey is an effort being led by researchers at VCU to create a unique community-wide research opportunity for high school students in Virginia with plans to continue to college next fall.

The scientific focus of the project is to understand what factors contribute to a successful and positive transition to college. The project aims to understand how individual and environmental factors come together to contribute to these outcomes. This project is an opportunity for high school seniors in Virginia to work together with researchers at VCU to try to understand and prevent these important and widespread problems.

We hope to use the findings from the project to feed back into programming in Virginia to benefit our students and community. 

Participation involves answering online survey questions about emotional/behavioral health and substance use, social relationships and other behaviors including difficulties with inattention, concentration and restlessness.  This online survey will also ask questions about students’ personality and behavior, as well as their family, friends and experiences growing up.  

Student participants will receive $50 for completing this first survey, $60 for completing a follow-up survey in the fall of 2016 and $70 for completing a survey in the spring of 2017.

Those who participate in the first survey are invited to complete follow-up surveys each year, for which they will also receive compensation. All data that we collect are kept completely confidential.

For more information, please email study coordinator, Melissa Dvorsky, at to receive the link to the study. The link is also available on our home page.


We are looking for high school seniors and parents to participate in an online study exploring factors that predict a successful transition from high school to college.  High school seniors continuing to college in the fall of 2016 are eligible to participate.  

Students may email Melissa Dvorsky at to receive the link to the study.  The link is also available on our home page.

‌This project offers students the opportunity to get involved in research and experience being a participant in research.  It is our hope that the shared experience of engaging in research will stimulate conversation and discussion about the research process among all students.



This project is an opportunity for high school seniors continuing to college in the next year to be involved in an online-survey research study.  One of the things that researchers here at VCU are interested in is what factors contribute to a successful and positive transition to college for individuals with and without ADHD.  For some individuals, this period can be a high-risk time for the development of problems associated with tobacco use, alcohol use, other substance use, as well as emotional health.  We want to understand what factors might contribute to these outcomes so that we can ultimately use this information to improve the quality of life for students transitioning to college.  

The project is led by Melissa R. Dvorsky and Dr. Joshua M. Langberg at Virginia Commonwealth University.